Facility Cancellation Policy

Camping is the prime venue for delivering the program of Scouts Canada.

When a group reserves a facility, other Scouting youth are excluded from using that facility at that time. Quite often that might be the only camping opportunity for a youth during that season.

In addition Scouts Canada has a very large financial investment in all its facilities.

With these two concepts in mind, Central Ontario Administration Centre's policy is:

If a group makes a reservation and cancels with six weeks or less of the beginning of the function, that group is financially responsible in full.

There are some exceptions:

  1. If a group withdraws their reservation within that 6 week period; but, another group reserves the same facility, the original group is exempt. 
  2. The financial responsibility is in effect for COSCís current financial year; namely, (September 1 to August 31).
  3. Periodically exceptional circumstances, such as extreme weather and certain tragedies, would warrant an exemption. Please contact the office.
  4. Haliburton Scout Reserve has different cancellation guidelines. Please visit that campís website for details.

Please Note:

  • To avoid misunderstandings, please contact the office if a cancellation is imminent.
  • Scouts Canada reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time.  

                                                                                             (Revised April 2012)